Why Background Checks are Vital for an IT Hire

Why Background Checks are Vital for an IT Hire

The health and success of any business hinges on people. The right team keeps a business humming, but bad hires can stifle results and cost a company a significant amount of money. There are a number of ways companies can reduce bad hires, but one of the simplest, most effective and least costly means of improving hiring decisions is to conduct thorough background checks. Those checks should include an examination of an individual’s work style, personality and their trustworthiness. These factors are critical for success in IT because tech teams are tasked with managing and protecting extremely sensitive information. Investing a little bit of time during the hiring process can save a company from potential financial and PR nightmares.

How Background Checks Protect Your Systems

Information security is critical in today’s hyperconnected world, and companies must protect their customer data as well as their own proprietary information. Most organizations focus their attention on attacks from outside, but internal breaches are an equal threat to security. Conduct a criminal background check on every IT employee to identify potential red flags. You don’t want to hire someone to manage your information who has been convicted of fraud or larceny. Financial data should be pulled as well. Individuals who have a high amount of debt, who have filed for bankruptcy, or who have been subject to liens should also be avoided. Financial trouble can often lead good people down dark paths.

Background Checks Identify Half-Truths

Any candidate who meets every single criteria for a job probably sounds too good to be true, and with good reason. As the old adage warns, “If it sounds too good to be true, it is.” Verifying work history, education and certification is essential, even if a resume doesn’t raise any red flags. The rule of thumb when hiring for IT positions is to trust, but verify.

Background Checks Protect the Company

A company’s reputation is everything, and you should only hire individuals who embody the mission, vision and values of the organization. You don’t want an employee to end up in the news for a DUI or possession of controlled substances, or something worse like a violent crime or abuse. You also want to protect the organization against employees who have a history of suing employers.

Background Checks Protect Your Employees

Unfortunately, workplace violence and harassment are very real, and leaders are obligated to keep their employees safe from harm. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that nearly 570,000 non-fatal crimes occur each year in U.S. workplaces. Background checks will alert you to histories of crimes like assault, harassment, stalking and domestic violence. Taking a few moments to pull this history is worth it, if it protects your employees from emotional or physical harm.

Background checks are essential when it comes to hiring IT employees; however, many companies gloss over this step in an effort to save time and money. If your company’s HR team is stretched thin, or if you struggle to make strong IT hiring decisions, iSymmetry can help. Our processes will help you to reduce turnover, keep hard-to-fill positions from becoming vacant, and improve the overall effectiveness of your tech team. Our thorough vetting process also ensures there will be no surprises down the line. To learn more about iSymmetry’s recipe for your success, contact our recruiters today.